Scholastic Art and Writing award winners

The results are in from this year’s Massachusetts Regional Scholastic Art & Writing Awards. The top 3% of entries win a Gold Key. The next 3% win a Silver Key and Honorable Mentions are awarded to the next 3% of artwork submitted by students throughout our state. Janet Armentano reports that 17 different students from her classes won 32 awards this year (see list below).

  • Sierra Blom, grade 9, Honorable Mention
  • Dasha Bobrova, grade 11, Honorable Mention, Silver Key, Gold Key
  • Mike DiBona, grade 12, Honorable Mention, Silver Key, Gold Key
  • Zac Hays, grade 12, Honorable Mention. Zac also won an Honorable Mention for his essay, “Power, Responsibility and Purpose”
  • Annice Kim, grade 11, Honorable Mention, Silver Key
  • Calvin Laituri, grade 11, Honorable Mention, 4 Silver Keys, Gold Key
  • Abby McCarthy, grade 10, Honorable Mention
  • Sheeva Moradi, grade 11, Honorable Mention
  • Latoya Nurse, grade 12, Silver Key
  • Angela Park, grade 11, Silver Key, Gold Key
  • Daly Place, grade 12, 2 Honorable Mentions
  • Kira Ryter, grade 11, Silver Key
  • Larissa Sehringer, grade 11, Honorable Mention
  • Jack Stevenson, grade 11, Honorable Mention
  • Eric Snow, grade 11, Honorable Mention
  • Olivia Stitham, grade 11, 1 Silver Key
  • Olivia Zhao, grade 12, 3 Silver Keys