16 WHS musicians make Senior District

Congratulations to the 16 Wayland High School musicians selected for the 2014 Eastern District Senior Festival to be held January 10-11, 2014 at Boston Latin High School. Out of the 980 students who auditioned, these students distinguished themselves on the basis of scales, a prepared piece and sight reading.

Kenny Kistner, Baritone Saxophone
Robin Schectman, Clarinet
Robert Yuan, Alto Saxophone
Karen Zhang, First Chair Alto Saxophone!

Theo Hieronymus, Tenor

Andrew Chen, Violin
Jesse Hoopes, String Bass
Chris Laven, First Chair String Bass!
Maddie Memoli, Viola
Nicholas Memoli, Cello
Anirudh Nagesha, String Bass
Anthony Schleppi, String Bass
Andrea Vogt, Violin
Katherine Wang, Cello
Max Wong, Cello
Linda Zhang, Cello

Student who score in the top 50% of their section receive a recommendation to audition for the Massachusetts All-State Festival. All-State recs were earned by:

Kenny Kistner, Karen Zhang; band

Jesse Hoopes, Chris Laven, Maddie Memoli, Nicholas Memoli, Katherine Wang; orchestra

Another round of applause for these outstanding musicians!

Fine Arts Night Awards & Celebration, June 7

Friday, June 7, 7:00pm
Longfellow Club, Oak Street, Natick
$5 per student

Calling all WHS fine arts students! The Creative Arts Parent Association (CAPA) presents WHS Fine Arts Night. As in past years, Fine Arts Night has two parts:

Awards Ceremony, 7-8pm
Families are welcome – Please bring a chair. We are saving money by not renting or hauling chairs, so this event will be standing room only, unless you bring your own seat.

Student Celebration, 8-10pm
WHS Fine Arts students and alumni only. Stay after the awards ceremony and swim (bring your swimsuit), play basketball or just hang out. We have rented Longfellow for you!

Pizza will be served at $5 per student.

Please bring beverages and sides according to your last name:

  • A-G: Beverages
  • H-L: Popcorn, cheese doodles or chips, pretzels, dips, or hummus & pita
  • M-R: Veggies or fruit
  • S-Z: Dessert

Parents: please consider helping to chaperone this event. Contact us and let us know if you’d prefer a shift from 8-9pm, 9-10pm, or if you can do the full two hours. We need both dads and moms.

The Creative Arts Parent Association (CAPA) congratulates all Wayland High School fine arts students on a successful school year!

Scholastic Art Winners announced

Congratulations to the following visual artists who were recognized in the Scholastic Art competition:

Dasha Bobrova, Gold Key, painting
Kathleen Burns, honorable mention, photography
Michael Dibona, honorable mention, drawing
Stefanie Geiger, honorable mention, mixed media
Jameson Hunt, Gold Key, photography
Meg Kuhn, honorable mention, photography
Laura Mead, Silver Key, drawing
Laura Mead, Gold Key, drawing
Laura Mead, Gold Key, drawing
Madelene Sacra, Gold Key, mixed media
Lily Tam, Gold Key, drawing
Jing (Olivia) Zhao, honorable mention; design

Congratulations to Senior and Junior District Musicians!

We want to congratulate all of the students who have recently auditioned for Senior and Junior District ensembles. The following musicians were accepted to participate in the Senior District event during the first weekend in January:

Myra Afzal, bassoon
Nicholas Condry, string bass
Jesse Hoopes, string bass
Emily Huber, alto
Kenneth Kistner, baritone saxophone
Julia Matta, flute
Madeline Memoli, viola
Nicholas Memoli, cello
Isabel Pongratz, alto
Stephanie Steltzer, mallets
Andrea Vogt, violin
Katherine Wang, cello
Austin Wong, string bass
Karen Zhang, alto saxophone

Congratulations as well to 9th graders who were accepted into the Eastern Junior District ensembles this past weekend:

Alison Jabs, oboe
Rachel Lorenc, clarinet
Emily Pineault, French horn
Dan Pachter, bass vocalist
Anirudh Nagesha, string bass
William Paik, violin
Anthony Schleppi, string bass
Linda Zhang, cello

Additional congratulations go to the following students for auditioning and being accepted into the Massachusetts All-State Festival:

Stephanie Steltzer, mallets, orchestra
Katherine Wang, cello, orchestra
Emily Huber, alto, chorus

Fine Arts Awards Night

Friday, June 8
7:00 PM- 10:30 pm
Longfellow Club, Natick

It’s time to honor the best and the brightest in WHS Arts and time to let the kids kick back and have a little fun.  Here’s what we’re planning for this year:

7:00-8:00 pm: Awards Ceremony and Fine Arts jackets presented – parents and students
8:00-10:30 pm: Fine Arts Night pool and pizza party – students only

Bring a chair or sit on the floor for the awards ceremony – there’s plenty of room for everyone!

Parents, we could use your help as chaperones. Contact us  if you’re interested.

Students should bring a bathing suit, towel, and $5 for pizza. Also, bring food based on the first letter of your last name:
A-G: Beverages
H-L: Popcorn, cheese doodles or chips, pretzels, dips, or hummus & pita
M-R: Veggies or fruit
S-Z: Dessert
Note: The party is for WHS students only – no siblings allowed in the pool. Lifeguards will be on duty.

So bring the family and bring plenty of Wayland pride as we get ready to wrap up the year by celebrating the arts at Longfellow!

Questions? Just contact us.

Congratulations to student musicians!

(Reprinted from WHSPO newsletter)

The Eastern District Junior Festival takes place March 16-17 at Lincoln-Sudbury Regional High School. Congratulations to the following students who are representing WHS at the festival:

  • Andrea Vogt, violin
  • Jack Bell, viola
  • Max Wong, cello
  • Isabel Pongratz, string bass
  • Victoria Gitten, soprano
  • Robert Yuan, saxophone

May 21-24 cellist Andrew Laven will travel to Atlanta to participate in the National High School Honors Orchestra. Each state can submit up to 30 student audition recordings and Massachusetts had 13 students accepted! Massachusetts has one of the highest acceptance rates in the country. Ryan Budnick, clarinet, was selected as an alternate. Good luck and congratulations!

Fine Arts Jackets

Did you know…

Fine arts students at WHS can earn a fine arts jacket by participating in fine arts classes and groups both in and outside of school? The Creative Arts Parent Association sponsors these jackets in collaboration with the faculty for students who go above and beyond in the fine arts. For more information, see Fine Arts Jackets.

20 Wayland musicians qualify for Senior District Festival

CAPA congratulates the following students who auditioned on November 19 and qualified to participate in the Senior District Festival of the Massachusetts Eastern District. The festival takes place on January 7-8, 2012 at the Boston Latin School. Students with asterisks (*) in front of their names were recommended to audition for All State.


Myra Afzal, Bassoon
Robin Schectman, Clarinet
Eric Von Rohr, String Bass


*Anna Lifland, Alto
David Dines, Tenor
Theo Hieronymus, Tenor
Daniel Worstell, Tenor
Larry Guo, Baritone
Brendan Murphy, Baritone


Andrew Chen, Violin
*Ryan Budnick, Clarinet
Nichole Bell, Viola
Madeline Memoli, Viola
*Hae Kim, Cello
*Andrew Laven, Cello
Catilin O’Keeffe, Cello
Caitlyn Pineault, Cello
Katherine Wang, Cello
Nicholas Conrdy, String Bass
Austin Wong, String Bass